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Math Pal for Kids: Play and learn with Chicky – Full Preschool learning program.

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Math Pal is the most comprehensive educational program for pre-school aged kids (3-6 years old). With dozens of unique activities and over 10 fun games at launch, Math Pal program will spark your kid’s interest for a long time, and this is just the beginning!

Best In Class Preschool Program

Designed according to leading pre-school programs and advised by educational experts, Math Pal takes a unique and fun approach to bringing new concepts to young kids. Using a funny dinosaur avatar and engaging activities, the app allows kids to experience new subjects and advance at their own pace. An original engine, adapts practice and test activities, meeting each child skill level and providing a personalized growth experience.
Kids earn rewards in the shape of stars for each successful activity or game they complete, which they can spend on building their own interactive playground yard complete with facilities, toys and dinosaurs.

Perfect for School, Great for Home

Targeted to meet both parents and teachers needs, Math Pal can handle unlimited amount of kids profiles, tracking each kid sessions and progress. Tiltan Games further expects to provide meaningful progress reports within the next update of the app.
The app is the only mobile educational program available in both Tablet and Phone formats, allowing for the most flexible use of time.
Complete professional narration allows kids to use the app by themselves without constant supervision.
All access to adult related material such as purchasing, feedback and profiles is locked behind parental gate.
An optional dyslexic font is provided as part of the app settings, allowing kids with dyslexia to enjoy its entire content.

Feature Highlights

* 17 Major subjects, including learning: Numbers, ABC, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Shapes, Colors, Number line, Patterns, Tell Time and more.
* Introduction to concepts such as More & Less, Great & Small, Big & Small, Long & Short, Tall & Short etc.
* 11 Mini Games, including: Bubbles shoot, Match, Memory, Domino, Maze, Cookies, Whack a bunny, Connect the Dots, Stacks, Raining shapes, Painting
* Total of over 100 Unique Levels and many more are coming, A range of difficulty levels within each activity and game
* Unlimited amount of kids profiles
* Star based rewards system allowing kids to build an interactive playground filled with toys and dinosaurs.
* Professional background music and sound effects
* Complete and Professional Narration
* Professional Graphics in HD quality.
* Optional dyslexic font and few other tweaks as part of the app settings menu
* Easy to control, no adult supervision required.

Adaptive Learning

The program provides several session types:
- Practice Sessions – Using a unique adaptive algorithm, the practice session allows kids to explore various activities and games, matching each to their skill level and then gradually progressing them towards higher skill levels.
- Adaptive Test – The adaptive test was developed to help evaluate kids grasp for the current skill level they posses.
- Individual Activities – This is library of topics the program currently has, allowing to focus on a specific activity in order to improve the kid’s skill in that aspect. each activity has a set of levels or sub topics which can be manually picked by the kid or the parent.
- Individual Games – is a library of games currently available. similarly to the activities library, the games also contains levels allowing to practice different topics in various difficulty levels.
- Playground – The playground provides means to translate the kids sense of achievement into tangible toys they can collect with the stars they earned during practice.

Ever Evolving Program

Math Pal is an evolving program with over 100 multi-level activities & games planned for pre-school age, aimed to cover the entire syllabus for this age group.

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This is by far the best educational app I have on my iPad. tried many and no other app even come close to the rich content Math Pal provides. My kid is thrilled to play this game.


My 3 years old is having a great time playing this game and already shows off new things he learned about numbers, shapes and colors. Highly recommended!